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Title of the Experience
Creating a text document with graphic images using information from the Internet and other sources /parts I and II/ - combined with the topic "I can change the world", connected with "It is my business" Entrepreneurship program for grade 6, JABulgaria
Name of the teacher
Albena Mushkova
Country where it took place
School typology
High Secondary School
Thematic Area
Experience typology
Teaching in class
Type of contact
Description of the Experience
. Introduction:
Students work in groups to make a business plan of a club for youths. They recognize the first feature of an entrepreneur associated with his ability to satisfy some need, taking into account the needs of the client and provoked by brainstorming ideas for the design of the product.
2. Objectives:
Students will be able to:
• Explain how entrepreneurs answer a market need.
• Comment on the role of market research in defining market demand and comparative advantage.
• Create a product - magazine, newspaper, etc.

3. Activities:
• I explain the term "market research".
• I give an example with design of club room/music stand with multiple sets for individual listening to music/.
• I divide students into groups and each group makes its design of the club, creates a product.
At the start of the lesson I place "Entrepreneurs" poster. I remind the students the four characteristics of the entrepreneur. I explain them that they will work in groups and they have to design a club for youths. It is therefore necessary they to demonstrate creativeness, which means to use their imagination and ingenuity. /Students will put into practice one of the hallmarks of the entrepreneur - to satisfy some need./
I give a definition of the needs: creation of such a product that people want to buy or use.
I also mention the market definition - a collection of current and/or potential customers. The young entrepreneurs realize how important it is to know their customers and products or services. They do a market research to determine what the needs of the clients are and to understand how a product can satisfy them.
The next step is showing a design of a club room. I explain students that I will now use a method called "brainstorming" - a method used for the generating of new ideas.
During brainstorming students express their ideas on a particular topic:
o Where can the young people go in their free time?
o What do they like there?
o What do they miss there?
o What do the young people like to do in their free time?
o How do you spend your free time?
After leading a discussion on the idea of a youth club I divide students into groups and give each group a plan of a room of the youth club. I explain them that it represents one of the rooms of the club. I give the students time to think about what this room will serve for. I invite them to share their ideas and to write them on the room plan. Students make a list of ideas and record them on the plan. Using the collected and recorded ideas it is generated the idea of what should be the club. Each group works on its design and finally by vote it is elected the best design of youth club. The ready projects are exposed at a visited place /classroom/.
It had been formed four clubs:
• Club "Modern Machinery" - sales and support.
• Club "Young programmers" - creation of new software hackers chasing.
• Club "Everything about computers" - hardware devices.
• Club "Friends" or publishing house "Eco Print" - creation and issue of ready products - newspapers, magazines, advertisements, brochures.
Each group presented its design of a club room and the reasons for creating such a club. Most votes received club "Friends", which generated the idea to be created a magazine with a different title by each group. Actually, this is the product generated from the ideas of young entrepreneurs from sixth grade.
First group prepared and published a magazine entitled "European football". The second group prepare magazine entitled "Extreme Sports", the third group - "Safari in Africa", and the fourth group - "Trees and shrubs in my native land".
The ready products of young entrepreneurs were given to each class of our school. The very preparation of magazines was carried out during lessons in information technology - module "Integration activity", which made interdisciplinary connection between information technology subject and entrepreneurship.
The students had been satisfied with their ideas for a club and a magazine.
I thanked them for their good work and I said that next time they will do ads.

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