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Ахмед Хюсеин
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Birds are invertebrates with a constant body temperature. They have dry skin covered with feathers. Their limbs are converted into wings. The heart consists of two atria and two cameras and cell reaches only O2 rich blood. They breathe with lungs associated with air bubbles involved in breathing. They lay nutrient-rich egg in which during hatching chicks develop.
Birds are spread all over the Earth. With appurtenant about 10 000 species of birds are the most diverse class of terrestrial vertebrates. The species list is constantly rising.
With the help of our teacher of Biology I managed to learn this and much more about birds and their world. With projects that she gave me the impetus to seek additional information and learned everything I now know about birds.


Dissemination Seminar in Florence

31 October 2015 The seminar has been held in ITIS “A. Meucci” one of the schools involved within Goerudio project activities. Its main aim was to promote the results of the project toward a broad sample of stakeholders even overcrossing the number of people directly involved in the production of project outcomes. This purpose has been totally achieved especially thanks to the participation of students and teachers coming from different schools or from other classes instead of those ones directly involved within the project activities.