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Teachers Experiences

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From this section it is possible to access to a collection of science teachers’ experiences.

The experiences reflect the effort of the teachers to raise students’ interest towards scientific subjects.

Under each experience other teachers can post their opinion and provide feedback.

The experiences can be filtered with the search engine available below according to:

  • the country where the experience took place
  • the school typology
  • the subject taught
  • the language of the description

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Title of Teachers Experience

“Average students” - Application of the statistics (average, modus, medián) - repeated topic, students team work Slovakia
“Let’s imagine” Fractions with the angle metre Italy
“Nice student” – aplication of the topic "Golden cut, tiem work Slovakia
A lot of work, lack of time Poland
A model of a bridge Spain
A ping pong ball Romania
Abacus body to multiply. Spain
Abolic motion. Measure of the throw speed. Italy
About polymers Romania
Acoustic Slovakia
Actions with roots (collection) Bulgaria
Actions with roots (multiplication) Bulgaria
Additional polarization of low polarized molecules in aqueous solution (HCl) Bulgaria
Alcohols The topic of hydroxyderivatives Slovakia
Alkadienes Slovakia
An astronomic approach to the Newton’s Laws Italy
Angular momentum Italy
Aplication of the topic graphs funkcion and their quality with program Geogebra Slovakia
Aplication of the topic volume and surface of bodies Slovakia
Archimedes' principle Spain
Assigning students classroom jobs Romania
Astronomical observatory Spain
Astronomy - orientation in the sky Poland
Balloon rocket Bulgaria
Basic notions from electrecity I. Slovakia
Basoc notions from electricity II. Slovakia
Bending of the light Slovakia
Beneficial microorganisms Poland
Biocatalyzators Slovakia
Birthday party – operations on decimal fractions Poland
Blood types Bulgaria
Blood typing game Spain
Board game "Beat the crazy geek" Poland
Bodies freefall Bulgaria
Building a simple electric turbine. Spain
Building a vehicle recycling. Spain
Building of a spider walker Spain
Building wooden drawbridge and provide movement Spain
Buoyancy Bulgaria
Can’t design and visualize correct geometrical constructions Romania
Carbon - sytemathic anorganic chemistry Slovakia
CD experiment Romania
Celestial mechanics: a new science dealing with an old theme Italy
Chemical inorganic nomenclature Italy
Chemistry Romania
Chemistry opens doors Romania
Chemistry to explain facts my students experience Romania
Children should be encouraged Romania
Chromatography- analythical chemistry Italy
CLIL unit vertebrates Spain
Collecting of rational numbers with equal sign (minus) Bulgaria
Colligative properties Italy
Colorful flames Spain
Communication is essential Romania
Comprehension Latvia
Computer presentation Bulgaria
Computer system and ICT Bulgaria
Computer, material science and ergonomics Poland
Consistence of atoms Slovakia
Conversion of units of measurement Italy
Cooperative learning applied to the evaluation of geological hazards Italy
Court trials Bulgaria
Creating a text document with graphic images using information from the Internet and other sources /parts I and II/ - combined with the topic "I can change the world", connected with "It is my busines... Bulgaria
Creating the tasks Poland
Creating video games to teach programming Spain
Creative action with plasticine Latvia
Demonstration lesson in chemistry Poland
Density Romania
Density: freshwater vs. seawater Italy
Depict of the ball mirrors Slovakia
Designing a computer game on electricity Poland
Destruction of osseous tissue Italy
Destruction of starch by saliva Italy
Detecting starch in food Italy
Determination of chloride in drinking water Spain
Determination PH vinegar Spain
Development and implementation of a water-purification Spain
Didactic game to repeat the material Poland
Different knowledge Latvia
Discover body around us Slovakia
Discovering cause - effect relationships Bulgaria
Discriminant Bulgaria
Discussions Latvia
Divisions between polynomials and Ruffini's rule Italy
DNA - The hereditary substance Poland
DNA Extraction from fruits Italy
DNA Structure Poland
Does an orange float or sink when placed in water? Romania
Domino effect Spain
Dual education Latvia
Dynamic maths with geogebra Italy
E-environment Latvia
Ecosystem as a basic element in nature - work in terrain Slovakia
Educational robotics Bulgaria
Election systems - majority vote Bulgaria
Election systems - proportional vote Bulgaria
Electronegativity and periodic properties- general chemistry Italy
Email Bulgaria
Encouraging student’s interest in acquiring chemistry? Latvia
Equations and simplifying of expression Bulgaria
Eratosthenes of Cyrene Spain
Everything becomes observable Romania
Experiment with balloons Romania
Experiments Romania
Experiments about the air Bulgaria
Experiments are memorable Romania
Experiments has always been a very rewarding experience Romania
Experiments is an incentive for students Romania
Experiments offer palpable demonstrations which involve students Romania
Explanation topic Egypt by exprerience form Slovakia
Exponential equation Slovakia
Exponential functions Slovakia
Exponential functions and their function for the life Slovakia
Exponentiation of square root of positive number Bulgaria
First lesson of physics Romania
Formation of the polypeptide chain (translation) Bulgaria
Fractional Inequalities Italy
Fractions Romania
From the idea of horror vacui to the concept of atmospheric pressure Italy
Fungi practice Spain
Geological itinerary Domeño - Loriguilla reservoir Spain
Geometry Romania
Geometry - a scary word Romania
Geometry concepts and formulas Romania
Getting to know each other better… Italy
Giving pupils opportunities to practice Romania
Glycerin soaps Romania
Goniometric functions in a right sided triangle Slovakia
Gravitation Slovakia
Gravitation power Slovakia
Gross weight, net weight & tara Experimentarium Bulgaria
Gross, net, tare, quantity, value, price Poland
Group work in summary lessons Bulgaria
Healthy child nutrition-theory and facts Poland
Hooke’s law. Indirect measurement of the elastic constant of a spring. Italy
How to achieve that students can understand difference between chemical pure matter and mixture Slovakia
How to remember names of elements and know write right their chemical symbol. Slovakia
Human eye as optical system Slovakia
Hydrocarbon derivatives Slovakia
Hydrogen Slovakia
Hydrogeological Instabilities Italy
I am trying to work effectively for reaching an objective Latvia
I am trying to work effectively for reaching an objective... Latvia
I teach the students and the students taught me Latvia
Ice cube Romania
In the card games club Poland
Inclined plane. Testing the principle of the conservation of me-chanic energy. Italy
Inovative and creative way of work Latvia
Interactive games Spain
Interactive witeboard in teaching mathematics Latvia
Interdisciplinary topics Romania
Interferention of the mechanical waves Slovakia
Internet and the network Poland
Internet failure Latvia
Introducing and understanding the concept of symmetry. Different types of symmetries in the examples from everyday life Poland
Introduction in organic chemistry Slovakia
Introduction to electrostatics Italy
IQ Game for IMU easer way to physics. Outdoor activities. webtools and curation Latvia
Irrational inequalities Italy
Irregular previous knowledge and motivation Latvia
Is repetition really "the mother of knowledge"? Latvia
It is not easy to teach science Romania
It is the magic of chemistry Romania
Kinematic – free drop Slovakia
Knowledge era Latvia
Lack of basic knowledge Latvia
Lack of literature Latvia
Learn in life Latvia
Learning about topic conic Slovakia
Learning by doing Romania
Levels of organization of the protein molecule Bulgaria
Light and colors Italy
Linear equations and inequalities Slovakia
Lined plane. Verifying the rule of the parallelogram. Italy
Link science with real situations Romania
Living enviroment and chemical industry - work in groups Slovakia
Logarithmic functions Slovakia
Magnetics field
Make a lemon battery Spain
Markovnikov's rule Bulgaria
Math olympiad Spain
Mathematical games Poland
Mathematical riddles. Spain
Mathematics and language Italy
Mathematics and music Italy
Mathematics and other beasts - using pictures during the process of math studies Latvia
Mathematics for game Italy
Mathematics for game Italy
Mathematics in the bakery Poland
Mathematics in the street Poland
Maths through English and games Romania
Maths to read and not only… Italy
Measurement of a leaf Bulgaria
Method "gallery tour" Romania
Method of comparison in mathematics Latvia
Mitosis Bulgaria
Mixtures and compounds Italy
Model: Double-stranded DNA molecule complementarity of bases rule Bulgaria
Model: Computer – Human body Bulgaria
Molecular geometry Italy
Motivating students to learn Latvia
Mounting vehicle with Lego pieces and programing car movement Spain
Multilingual approach Latvia
Multimedia math and science Bulgaria
Multimedial maths Working with geometry Bulgaria
Multistage balloon Bulgaria
My experience Latvia
My friend the computer Romania
MyMythLab: a virtual class Italy
Nano-measurement presentation Bulgaria
Natural radioactivity Slovakia
Nature protection - self students work Slovakia
Need for real life Latvia
New material basis Latvia
New technologies Latvia
New training material as the key to the minds of pupils Latvia
None of subjects is boring; teaching can be boring, not the subject… Latvia
Not being able to do the classes in the lab Romania
Nuclear fission of uranium Slovakia
Numbers Romania
Numbers and letters Italy
Ocean currents: water density and temperature Italy
Ohm's Law in the chain Latvia
Olive oil density and acidity level in different geographic areas Italy
One day at Casino Italy
Optic - human eye Slovakia
Optical isomerism (or stereoisomerism) Italy
Organic solar cells Italy
Organic substances with physiological importance Romania
Organizing school trip with support of Excel Poland
Origin of universe - cosmology Slovakia
Orthogonal projections Poland
Osmosis Italy
Paper rocket Bulgaria
Participation competition 'Robot Challenge' Spain
Participation conmpeticion 'Robotet' IES Rodrigo Botet Spain
Participation Contest GVA "CONWEB" web development. Spain
Patterns Romania
Perfume creation Spain
Periodic properties Italy
Periodic table I. Slovakia
Periodic table II. Slovakia
PHET Italy
Phisycs and cinema Italy
Photoelectrical phenomen Slovakia
Polar and nonpolar liquids Romania
Practical work Latvia
Preparation of aromatic soaps Spain
Preparation of capsules fire Spain
Presentation materials Latvia
Preserves for winter Poland
Production of paper Poland
Programming to understand Italy
Project works and group work
Project-based learning Spain
Properties of nanoparticles Bulgaria
Pythagorian theorem Bulgaria
Railway point transmission Latvia
Rare gasses - chemistry Slovakia
Reaction speed Italy
Recognition of reproductive structures of angiosperms Spain
Regular polygons Poland
Regular polygons - geometric constructions Poland
Relationship between teachers and pupils Romania
Renal function. Urine analysis Spain
Repetion as a basis Latvia
Robot challenge Spain
Safety in the street. A safe way home Poland
Salt hydrolysis – theoretically and practically Latvia
Saving materials when working with paper Poland
Science as their careers Romania
Science between school subject and real life Romania
Science can be fun through experiments Romania
Science offers a lot of information Romania
Scientific knowledge is useful in real-world contexts Romania
Searching for values of goniometric functions Slovakia
Second breakfast at school - needed or unnecessary? Poland
Seed germination Romania
Seed germination Spain
Senescence of flowers Spain
Sensory experiences Romania
Small traveler tourist information office Poland
Soil erosion Bulgaria
Some metal elements Slovakia
Some metal elements II. Slovakia
Speed of the chemical reactions Slovakia
Stable structures Bulgaria
Statistical reasearch Slovakia
Statistical survey Italy
Statistics in primary school Poland
Stereometry - cube cuts Slovakia
Stereometry for 3. class Slovakia
Stereometry for 4. class Slovakia
Stop cyberbullying Poland
Stop to be monotonous if you want to bring students attention Latvia
Structure of the heart Bulgaria
Structure of the kidney Bulgaria
Studies materials online Latvia
Sun system I. Slovakia
Sun system II. Slovakia
Taenia Spain
Taste and smell Poland
Teaching maths in vocational education system Latvia
Teaching about Spain with online tools Slovakia
Teaching grammar with cooperative learning in English lessons Latvia
Teaching through projects Spain
The ampelographic (grape) descriptors Romania
The architecture of the computer Poland
The area of plane figures Poland
The audiovisual studio Poland
The concept of force Italy
The cup will not let you drink a lot Spain
The electrolytes Italy
The essential nutrients - lipids Slovakia
The farm week Romania
The golden raining Spain
The lever. Equilibrium conditions of a rigid Body. Italy
The parts of a plant Romania
The primary tastes Romania
The principle of inertia Italy
The purple cloud Spain
The right language chemistry Romania
The room of my dreams for real money Poland
The solenoid. Indirect measurement of the earth's magnetic field Italy
The theory and the manipulation Latvia
The use of different teaching approaches in biology classroom Latvia
The use of different teaching approaches in chemistry classroom Latvia
Theory and practice Latvia
Theory and practice hand in hand Latvia
Topic -Italy students expalantion with presentations Slovakia
Tower of renewable energy Spain
Trigonometric functions as ratio of 2 sides in rectangular triangle Bulgaria
Trigonometric functions defined by the unit circle Bulgaria
Trip to the Albufera Spain
Trying to work effectively to achieve the goal Latvia
Trying to work effectively to achieve the goal of economic classes-economic regularities meaning and learning Latvia
Turning water into wine and vice versa Spain
Types of authorities and their functions.Grand National Assembly and the Constitution Bulgaria
Types of lines Romania
Understand of the solutions pH Slovakia
Upside down Italy
Use of the language Describe building procedure Bulgaria
Using animations in the classroom Spain
Using dice games to reinforce mental math. Spain
Using previous knowledges of students by teaching topic "Drugs" Slovakia
Using video games to teach science subjects Spain
Variable approach in acquisition of chemistry in secondary professional school Latvia
Various options for solving equations by using intuitive degradation Slovakia
Visit to a biofarm Bulgaria
Visit to the Palm House – We familiarize with requirements of various exotic plant species Poland
Walk – calculations related to scale Poland
Water Slovakia
Water rocket Bulgaria
Waves and coins can disappear. Science or magic? Spain
Ways to increase students’ motivation to learn chemistry Poland
We are opening a shop Poland
We familiarize with pot plants, learn about care and propagation methods Poland
We familiarize with the construction, way of life and requirements of vertebrates Poland
We learn the mechanisms of wastewater treatment Poland
We measure the circuits Poland
We measure the perimeters of figures Poland
We play monopoly – operations on integers Poland
We weigh groats- repeating operations on decimal fractions Poland
Web chemistry Italy
Weighs and equivalences Spain
Weightlessness Bulgaria
What for do we need the technology at school? Poland
What is known and what should be learned during science lessons Romania
Whiteboard and internet use in physics classes Spain
Why do I need this chemistry? Poland
Why nanotechnology? Bulgaria
Witeboard as a tool Latvia
Work in groups Bulgaria
Work in terrain - as a basic element in nature Slovakia
Work-based learning environment Latvia
Your own experiments Romania


Dissemination Seminar in Florence

31 October 2015 The seminar has been held in ITIS “A. Meucci” one of the schools involved within Goerudio project activities. Its main aim was to promote the results of the project toward a broad sample of stakeholders even overcrossing the number of people directly involved in the production of project outcomes. This purpose has been totally achieved especially thanks to the participation of students and teachers coming from different schools or from other classes instead of those ones directly involved within the project activities.