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This is a collection of previous and current projects and initiatives focusing on the promotion of innovative practices for teaching scientific subjects.

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Title of Initiatives

Name of Organiser
"Modern not only in the natural sciences" Project ZŠ Letohrad, Komenského 269
3E's e- counting, e-culture, e-communictions Dun Guzepp Zerafa primary Schoo
A measurement instruments and protection of relay RSTS
A statistic and scientific research on biodiversity Ies Manuel De Falla
Ampere and the history of the electricity Christine Blondel
Animated science VIA University College
Archi - Let’s Soft IT! National College Iasi
Archipelago of mathematics Politechnika Warszawska
Arguing for multilingual motivation in web 2.0 University of Paisley Glasgow
Biosphere project Instituto Nacional de Tecnologías Educativas y de Formación del Profesorado (INTEF)
Bulgarian national educational portal Bulgarian ministry of education and science
Chemical engineering equipment and processes RSTS
Chemistry – I know, I can, I understand Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities
Chemistry sk Občianske združenie
Chimicamente University of Genova
Chimicare Associazione Culturale Chimicare
Circle of physics Katedra didaktiky fyziky Matematicko-fyzikálnej fakulty Univerzity Karlovy v Prahe
cMinds University of Thessaly
Compete for the Heyrovsky Cup National institut for chidren and youth in Prague
Computer based exercise generation and evaluation system for mathematics, physics and chemistry subjects Data Pro Group Ltd
Computer-Based Math
Computerised laboratory in science and technology teaching - ComLab-1 and ComLab-2 University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Education
Connecting educational communities through ICT E.E.I. Zaleo
Connecting Europe through mathematics developing new teaching strategies Escola Sadako
COSMOS: An advanced scientific repository for science teaching and learning International Environment and Quality Services S.A.
Cyberteacher Paolo Cutini
Datalogging as innovative learning tool VIA University College
Developing teachers´ skills on coaching, e-environments and entrepreneurship (E-DECO) HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences
Development and aprobation of continuing education programme “Biology teacher professional development” University of Latvia
Development and implementation of comprehensive programme of work with talented students Ośrodek Rozwoju Edukacji
Didactic magazine of teachers of Mathematics, Informatics and Physics Univerzita Pavla Jozefa Šafrika v Košiciach, Prírodovedecká fakulta v spolupráci s: Univerzita Komenského v Bratislave, Fakulta matematiky, fyziky a informatiky , Metodicko-pedagogické centrum, Bratislava
Didactical resources
Dienneti. Didactic and new technologies Marzia Fontana
Digital identity: Mentoring interPAIRS for employment IES Sant Vicent Ferrer
Discovering with Tadeo Mediaset España, Lightbox Entertainment and El Señor Studio
DO.RE.MAT. Decrease Obstacles RElated to MAthematics Teaching ENFAP Emilia Romagna
Dynamat: Dynamical and creative mathematics using ICT University of Pisa (IT)
E-experience in physics Politechnika Gdańska
E-handbooks for general education Ośrodek Rozwoju Edukacji
E-Teacher of Environment. Integrated learning environment for the development of scientific thinking, information literacy and language skills of pupils at II and III stage Adam Mickiewicz University
E-textbook - the future of school begins today Young Digital Planet S.A.
E-training microsystems technologies - mSysTech "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, Center for Technological Electronics and Interconnection Techniques, UPB-CETTI
EAA - The development and use of ''Skills'' (language skills) in teaching physics and chemistry The project was carried out with the support of MNI-Fonds für Unterrichts- und Schulentwicklung S2 "Grundbildung und Standards" (MNI - Funds for development of teaching and schools, S2 ''Basic education and standards''
Eco is echoing Ceib Arteaga
Ecology project - innovative, interdisciplinary curriculum of mathematics and natural science basing on project method Dobre Kadry. Centrum badawczo - szkoleniowe sp. z o.o.
Ecology united:all people for an open and rich Europe Colegio La Inmaculada Misioneras Seculares de Jesús Obrero
Education in a Virtual World (E-VIWO) Vocational Collage of Ostrobothnia
Educational robotics for students with learning disabilities Nottingham Trent University
Educational website "Teacher at home" Generalitat Valenciana. Consellería de Educación, Cultura y Deporte
Educational website UCHA SE Team of young people and teachers. Some of the names are: Darin Madjarov, Nikolaj Jejnov, Maria Nikolova
eKabinet. cz Edulogy, s.r.o.
Electric power plant operation RSTS
Energy and employability - Local solutions for new challenges Ies Rabida
ENGINEER: brEaking New Ground In the SciencE Education Realm Bloomfield Science Museum
Eniscuola ENI
Essediquadro – SD^2 Istituto per le Tecnologie Didattiche (Institute for the Didactic Technologies)
ESTABLISH (European science and technology in action building links with industry, schools and home) Dublin City University, Centre for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Teaching and Learning
Establishment of sectoral qualification system and increasing of vocational education quality and effectiveness State Education Development Agency
eÚlohy. cz EDULOGY, s.r.o.
EuroGIS-GPS: Testing a competency framework for biodiversity data collection Ambios Ltd
European researchers' night Research Executive Agency (REA)
European Space Education Resource Office (ESERO) European Space Agency
Experiment is the future of education - an innovative training program in secondary schools in Elblag Gmina Miasto Elbląg
Exploring innovative and creative ways of teaching using new tools and methods- ETM CPI O Cruce
FameLab Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT) y el British Council
FECYT Scientific film program Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT)
Fostering students' competences in the field of science and technology with the use of innovative methods and technologies - EDUSCIENCE Instytut Geofizyki PAN
Galileo Museum Museo Galileo - Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza
GEI - Games, Experiments, Ideas Unità di Ricerca in Didattica della Fisica dell'Università di Udine
GeoCapabilities 2: Teachers as curriculum leaders Institute of Education, London
GEOschools-teaching geosciences in secondary schools National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
GeoThink National Technical University Of Athens
Goerudio Latvian Education foundation
GOLAB-Global online science labs University of Twente
Hands-on approach to analytical chemistry for vocational schools II University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology
Heuréka Katedra didaktiky fyziky Matematicko-fyzikálnej fakulty Univerzity Karlovy v Prahe
How to motivate students through engaging science activities Centro de Formación del Profesorado. Generalitat Valenciana
I-CLEEN Museo delle Scienze in Trento
I@PHT (Internet @ided Physics Teaching) D. Allasia, C. Marino, V. Montel, G. Rinaudo, Dipartimento di Fisica Sperimentale, University of Torino
ICT for innovative science teachers Osrodek Edukacji Informatycznej i Zastosowan Komputerów
ICT in the teaching of mathematics and science subjects in secondary schools Samorząd Województwa Podlaskiego
Implementation of international guidelines for welded structural designer training National R&D Institute for Welding and Material Testing ISIM Timisoara
Implementing Creative strategies into Science Teaching (CREAT-IT) Stord/Haugesund University College (Høgskolen Stord Haugesund)
Improving educational effectiveness University of Kragujevac
Increasing employability of students in vocational training at European level using ICT IES Sant Vicent Ferrer
INFOVEK Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Slovak Republic
inGenious-Shaping the future of maths and science education European Schoolnet
InnoMathEd - Innovations in Mathematics Education on European level University of Augsburg
Innovative 3D training platform for recycling of waste electric and electronic devices EU-Centralised Projects
Innovative teaching of mathematics and the creation of the SEP at the 2nd level of primary schools Dr. Josef Raabe Slovensko, s.r.o. Odborné nakladateľstvo Člen skupiny Klett
Ins and outs of the magic Möbius strip Colegiul National Moise Nicoara
Inspiring new scientists through investigations, challenge and teamwork Norfolk County Council, Norwich
Inspiring science education INTRASOFT International
Interactive computer-supported activities as a means of key and subject competencies of secondary school students and their implementation in teaching physics Ústav fyzikálnych vied PF UPJŠ Košice
INTERBLOK Samodzielne Koło Terenowe Nr 64 Społecznego Towarzystwa Oświatowego
Interesting Chemistry Academy University of Lodz, Faculty of Chemistry
ITEMS (Improving Teacher Education in Mathematics and Science) CEFIRE
Joint Science Education Project (JSEP) Arctic Research Consortium of the United States
K.I.S.S. the I.C.T.: Competencias básicas en escuelas especiales, la formación inovadora y creativa IES Europa
Key competences as a key to career Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiczna TWP w Warszawie
KEY TTT Teamwork, Training and Technology for development of key competencies Trakia University – Stara Zagora
KiiCS: Knowledge Incubation in Innovation and Creation for Science European Network for Science Centres & Museums (Ecsite)
Kolegium Śniadeckich - innovative science curriculum Ogólnopolska Fundacja Edukacji Komputerowej
KoMaL - Mathematical and physical journal for seconday schools MATFUND Hungarian High School Mathematics and Physics Foundation
L.U.L.A.T.S. - Let Us Look At The Sky Johannes-Scharrer-Gymnasium
LD-skills: Development of learning design skills for enhancing students' key competencies Ellinogermaniki Agogi
Le-MATH: Learning Mathematics through new Communication Factors Cyprus Mathematical Society
Learn more sk - advanced educational portal for teachers AGEMSOFT, a.s.
Learning mathematics through new communication factors Cyprus Mathematical Society
Learning situations for embedded system study lab - NetLab ITT Group
Let’s explore, discover and make friends with science Croatian Association for the Promotion and Conservation of the Geological Heritage Progeo-Croatia
Let's click! Aruküla Basic School
Looking for Einstein - Academy of Science Kuratorium Oświaty w Warszawie
M-Learning and other good practices in ICT teaching Ies Hermanos Machado
MaddMaths – Mathematics Didactic Divulgation SIMAI (Società Italiana di Matematica Applicata e Industriale)
MAGICAL: Making Games In CollaborAtion for Learning Institute for Educational Technology – CNR
Mainstream physics in vocational secondary schools University of Latvia
MaMaEuSch: Management Mathematics for European Schools Technical University of Kaiserslautern
MAPPTIPE innovative tool for creating multimedia educational materials Fundacja Nauka i Wiedza
MateFitness Manuela Arata, Giovanni Filocamo e Giuseppe Rosolini
MatematicaMENTE Antonio Bernardo
MathBridge DFKI Saarbruken
Mathematics of another dimension - the organization of Polish Mathematical Championships for Children and Youth Firma Edukacyjno-Wydawnicza ELITMAT Dariusz Kulma
Maths and science for better understanding the world we live in Colegiul Auto Traian Vuia
Maths is B.E.A.U. (that is Beautiful Easy Amusing Useful) IES Luis De Camoens
Maths is B.E.A.U. (Beautiful Easy Amusing Useful) Ist. Istr. Sup. San Giovanni Bosco
Maths Recovering Dino Betti
Mechatronics in energy saving applications Šolski center Nova Gorica
MeRLab - Innovative remote laboratory in the E-training of mechatronics B2 d.o.o., Ljubljana
Mobile E-Novative Use of E- learning Technologies (MENUET) University Politehnica of Bucharest
Model of extra-curricular work using innovative working methods and modern information technology Gmina Gorlice
Modernization of the education process in primary schools Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Slovak Republic
Module of biology "Professional development of biology teachers" University of Latvia
Multimedia in teaching chemistry University of P.J.Šafárik Prešov
Nano-Tech science education Doga schools
Natural sciences for adult learners Universidade Sénior de Évora - Associação de Desenvolvimento Comunitário
No other world CPR Gosforth Central Middle School, Newcastle Upon Tyne
nQuire: Personal Inquiry Learning platform The Open University
Open discovery space: A socially-powered and multilingual open learning infrastructure to boost the adoption of eLearning resources INTRASOFT International S.A.
Open learning approach with remote experiments University of Duesto
Operations of users and and specialty electrical applications RSTS
Our planet under pressure Kauno rajono Garliavos vidurine mokykla
Pathway University of Bayreuth
Periodic table Università degli Studi di Camerino Scuola di Scienze e Tecnologie
Physical experiments Grammar school in Pilisvörösvár
Physics 2005 – Virtual laboratory and interactive portal for physics teachers National Institute of Nuclear Physics - Bari Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare – Sezione di Bari
Physics in Prater – Amusement park- explained in a physics way The project was conducted with a support of (IMST-Fonds) S6 "Anwendungsorientierung und Berufsbildung'' IMST - Fund S6 ''The use orientation and profession preparation''
Physics multimedia textbook for primary schools, lower grades of secondary schools, and high schools KVANT, s.r.o.
Physik in sport The project was conducted with a support of (IMST-Fonds) S6 "Anwendungsorientierung und Berufsbildung'' IMST - Fund S6 ''The use orientation and profession preparation''
Pictography - developing skills to use symbolic language in education in the field of mathematical sciences using Asylco pictograms Wydawnictwo Bohdan Orłowski
Planet of knowledge Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Slovak Republic
Play the learning game FETE UGT PV
Playing University of Torino
Pleased to count and experiment - mathematics and physics executed by a free silent work Bischöfliches Gymnasium, Graz
Polymath Politecnico di Torino
Preparing science educators for everyday science University of Nicosia
Primas - Promoting inquiry in mathematics and science education across Europe University of Education
Prisci-net The Malta Council for Science and Technology
Project eco-efficiency: Transfer of the innovation of expert methodologies for the qualification of eco-efficiency matters in the SME and combate the climatic change Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Zaragoza
Promoting project and practice based learning supported by collaborative learning technologies in initial vocational education of mechanical manufacturing Instituto Específico de FP superior Miguel Altuna
Quality improvement of implementation of inicial vocational training programs in Riga State technical school Riga state technical school
Redooc - The maths as you have never seen before Chiara Burberi, Nicolò Ammendola
RES - Rete Europea per l'Educazione Scientifica (European Network for Scientific Education) Ud'Anet Srl
Robotics and Automation Careers in Engineering – RACE Grup Scolar 'Nicolina', Iasi
S-TEAM - firing up science education Dragvoll Fakultet for samfunnsvitenskap og teknologiledelse
SAILS - strategies for assessment of inquire learning in science Centre for the Advancement of Science and Mathematics Teaching and Learning (CASTeL)
Science 4 you, various alcohols, their meaning and use in industry and everyday life This project was conducted with the support of MNI-Fonds für Unterrichts- und Schulentwicklung S 5 "Teambezogenes selbstständiges und Lernen" MNI - Funds for the development of teaching and schools, S5 “Learning focused on team and independence''
Science and Technics Foundation Fondazione Scienza e Tecnica
Science as priority for knowledge-based society Miasto Białystok
Science fiction in education CARDET
Science investigations Carterton Primary School, Oxford
Science: the great escape Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza Din Iasi
Sciences at school Liceo Scientifico “Galileo Galilei” - Ancona
Scienza per tutti Marco Battaglieri, Susanna Bertelli, Halina Bilokon, Pasquale Di Nezza, Franco L. Fabbri, Paolo Lenisa, Sandra Leone, Davide Meloni, Piero Patteri
Scintillating science - learning through discovery Ash C.E.V.C. Primary School, Yeovil
SEED – Science by Experiments through European Dialog Colegiul National Simion Barnutiu
SEEP - Science Education European Platform USGM – Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi
Serious Games for Social & Creativity Competence
Silunet Ministry of Education of Hungaria
SINUS - A trademark for improving mathematics and science education in Germany Federal Ministry of Education and Research
Sloop2desc: Sharing Learning Objects in an Open Perspective to Develop European Skills and Competences Istituto per le Tecnologie Didattiche - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Palermo
Solar car project The Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education
STENCIL-Science teaching European network for creativity and innovation in learning Amitié - private training and research center
Storytelling@Teaching Model (S@TM) National and Kapodistrian UNiversity of Athens
Strategy of free and open implementation as an innovative model to raise the interest of ICT and technical studies and support pupils and students in the development of key competencies Fundacja Wolnego i Otwartego Oprogramowania
Student open learning process of mathematics in vocational education University of Latvia
Students learn chemistry through its application, problem solving and visualization Uniwersytet Technologiczno-Humanistyczny
Students' interest in physics is the key to success! Centrum Edukacji ATUT Wielkopolska s.j.
Summer science campus Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT) and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports.
Sustain: Sustaining development for early school education Private Doga Education Institutions
TALETE-Teaching mAths through innovative LEarning Università degli Studi “Guglielmo Marconi”
Talnet Department of didactik of physics Faculty of mathematics-physics Charles Univerzity Karlovy in Prague, National institut for live long learning education in Prague
TEMI Teaching Enquiry with Mysteries incorporated
Tests in chemistry State Education Development Agency
The 21 st Century Hazards Sports High School Roman
The Children's University The Children's University Foundation
The European energy quest Colegio Salesianos Ntra. Sra. Del Pilar
The Fibonacci project. Disseminating inquiry-based science and mathematics education in Europe. Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Saint-Etienne/ARMINES
The secrets in the art of cooking by science experiments BG / BRG Gmünd
Together again - developing links between schools and industry through science and technology Brewood CE (C) Middle School, Stafford
Training materials for biology teachers' competence development in vocational high schools University of Latvia
Training teachers to use mobile (hand held) technologies within mainstream school education Titan Partnership Ltd, Birmingham
TTTNET: Network for teamwork education and technologies Polo Europeo della Conoscenza-I.C. Lorenzi-Fumane
Tutorials and educational resources Claudio Cancelli
Ubimath Ubaldo Pernigo
Unlocking the Universe Space Today Uk Ltd
Virtual light Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati (SISSA, Trieste) e Edumond editori associati (Milano, Firenze, Bologna)
Virtual reality physics – real knowledge Politechnika Koszalińska
Virtual science – Virtual worlds for the sciences Michelina Occhioni
Vocational education program "Chemical Technician" students qualifying practice of pharmaceutical companies State Education Development Agency
Web lab – Virtual lab of physics Università degli Studi di Messina Dipartimento di Protezionistica Ambientale, Sanitaria, Sociale ed Industriale
Why maths? IES Álvarez Cubero
Yes you can XANOCHANNEL, Association for community development
You are the next..... University in Debrecen
YouMath Fulvio Sbranchella
Yourvid YESdigital Spanish Confederation of Training Centers
Zambia schools project Cosmos Education


Dissemination Seminar in Florence

31 October 2015 The seminar has been held in ITIS “A. Meucci” one of the schools involved within Goerudio project activities. Its main aim was to promote the results of the project toward a broad sample of stakeholders even overcrossing the number of people directly involved in the production of project outcomes. This purpose has been totally achieved especially thanks to the participation of students and teachers coming from different schools or from other classes instead of those ones directly involved within the project activities.