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Title of the Experience
Stereometry for 3. class
Name of the teacher
Zuzana Zuštinová
Country where it took place
School typology
High Secondary School
Thematic Area
Experience typology
Teaching in class
Type of contact
Description of the Experience
There is 31 students in the class. Mathematics is taught one class per week but given that one week the students go to school and one week is the practical training we meet twice every other week, which is a very little frequency. Level of knowledge in this class is low. Therefore I eased demands on them in order to achieve at least mediocre results. In class, I showed slowly a presentation, where I reiterated surface and volume solids - cube, cuboid, prism, cylinder, pyramid and cone.
I explained and showed students how to draw a body in free parallel projection. I reminded students of the formula to calculate the volume and surface of the bodies. In the presentation they could have seen the network's elements. We calculated a few examples together.
I wanted to rehearse the taught matters so I gave away models of cube, cuboid and cylinder to the pairs of students. I asked them to measure the size, draw the body into their workbooks and calculate the surface and volume of each solid. Not even one student was able to solve the task. They did not know how to measure the dimensions and draw a body, let alone choose a formula and calculate the job. Since I saw the problem, I presented the slide show again. Everything was repeated again. Nobody did the right calculation or was just drawing rectangles.
During the next class, I asked a pair of students to come to the blackboard and gave them a block ruler to measure the dimensions and mutually control each other. Others should just watch and pay attention. One student outlined a body on the board with minor errors and wrote down the dimensions. The second pair had to do the same with a cube, the third pair received a cylinder. All six were grated. Then all the students were supposed to choose formulas from the mathematical tables and using the calculators calculate the volume and surface area of these three bodies. All students gradually presented me the results of these tasks that I evaluated. Despite my warning to be cautious students did not draw pictures correctly. Some did not mark the dimensions, the finished level of some students was inadequate and calculations inaccurate. For the cylinder capacity they used dimensions in the formula for the radius and the average, they did not understand that it is just one formula. They took down partial results in their workbooks and rounded them, although I still explain that they have to calculate everything on the calculators and round off only the final result.
I am not satisfied with the outcome of this class, even though my rating was mild. The worst mark was C. At the end of the class one of the students showed me the old calculations with other dimensions meaning he did nothing the whole class and therefore failed in the grading.

Comments on this Teachers Experience

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Date: 2014.11.09

Posted by Darina Berčakova (Slovakia)

I teach automechanics too. My experience is the same as yours. One Math lesson per week or 2 per week when students are at school are not enough. During the week when pupils are at specialized training, they forget everything and we have to start again. We say: “Repetition is the mother of wisdom”. Personally, I really like solid geometry but pupils are not big fans of it. Therefore I try to make teaching very visual and illustrative – I use models of bodies, I try to draw on the blackboard, illustrate the ideas and look for examples from everyday life.

Date: 2014.10.28

Posted by Darina Berčáková (Slovakia)

Učím tiež autoopravárov. Moja skúsenosť je presne taká ako Vaša. Hodina matematiky za týždeň, teda 2 v týždni keď sú v škole je veľmi málo. Počas týždňa keď sú žiaci na odbornom výcviku všetko zabudnú a my začíname znovu. Veď opakovanie je matkou múdrosti. Osobne mám stereometriu veľmi rada, no žiaci ju veľmi "nemusia". Snažím sa preto robiť vyučovanie čo najnázornejšie - používam modely telies, kreslím na tabuľu, zobrazujem, hľadám príklady z bežného života.


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