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Title of the Experience
Ways to increase students’ motivation to learn chemistry
Name of the teacher
Monika Pawluś
Country where it took place
School typology
Lower Secondary School
Thematic Area
Experience typology
Teaching in class, Extracurricular activity
Type of contact
Direct, Indirect
Description of the Experience
Chemistry classified as one of science subjects is often regarded as difficult subject. Students most preferably would perform chemical experience at lessons, waiting for the so-called ,,boom ". However, learning chemistry also requires acquiring theoretical knowledge, acquisition of certain information and skills. Therefore it is impossible to conduct lessons only by performing experience. And here the expectations of the students seem to fall apart.
This often results in the loss or decline of motivation to learn chemistry. I use many ways to increase motivation and encourage students to learn. First of all, at the end of each lesson activity is assessed, ”pluses” are given for active participation. “Pluses” gained during the lessons are converted into grades, depending on the number of hours per week. Students participate more actively in the lesson when they know it is rewarded. I try as often as possible to present how chemistry is useful in everyday life. For most of topics I introduce some curiosity. Diversifying methods and forms of work has a huge impact on encouraging to learn. Activating methods are very effective, e.g. brainstorming, meta plan, project method, decision tree. Both individual and group work has its advantages. I use modern information technologies. We watch educational films at lessons. Homeworks are given for everybody and for volunteers. Chemical experiments are in the form of teacher’s performance, movie or self-made by the student, with an emphasis on the latter, of course, as far as it is possible in working conditions. Participation in competitions in chemistry gives students the joy and satisfaction of the results. The possibility to perform additional works such as: paper, presentation, poster are perceived very well. What is more, I give my students the choice of way of assessment. The attitude of teacher is very important as well, therefore I try to be fair, empathic, believing in the student, giving the opportunity to develop.
Some of the proposed ways are more effective than others. It depends very much on the student in what way particular method raises his/her motivation.

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