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Title of the Experience
Explanation topic Egypt by exprerience form
Name of the teacher
Darina Dolešová
Country where it took place
School typology
Lower Secondary School
Thematic Area
Experience typology
Teaching in class
Type of contact
Description of the Experience
Opis skúsenosti
The aim of the lesson was to show Egypt as a country with a high level of tourism services, a country with historical monuments, beautiful sea, but also highlight the possible risks associated with a stay in this country.
Generally I organized the tourism geography classes in a way that following my explanation of the curriculum, I embarked on a presentation in which the pupils could see the beauty of the country. I had a lot of different presentations available about Egypt mostly showing the historical monuments. However none of them suit me so I would use it for the class.
In addition, for one part of the lesson, I invited a colleague who spent her holidays in Egypt, so that pupils could have direct information about the country. This system proved to me greatly since the pupils remember facts communicated this way much better.
To manage everything the way I had planned, I decided to change the established teaching procedure. I have prepared a presentation that directly corresponded with the lesson and thus I saved time. Since Egypt is a destination that is attractive, there were found among the pupils those who knew enough facts about the country, for example, from the history class, or have travelled to Egypt already.
The class took place essentially in the form of an interview, during which in place of a classical explanation, there was a dialogue between me and the pupils who could answer most of my questions. Our conversation was complemented by a presentation in which the pupils viewed the historical monuments of Egypt, but also centers of tourism by the sea, alongside the Nile, and in Cairo. Engaged in conversation was also the colleague, who added her knowledge from Egypt, highlighted that security rules should be taken seriously and respected during the whole stay in the country. She also mentioned the risks that threaten the visitors when visiting the monuments. During the class time pupils could also view images in printed picture publication on sightseeing sites all over the world.
I think I will use the willingness of my colleagues in the future to talk about the topic for a few minutes. When she spoke about the country where they were - it created a whole new atmosphere between pupils and teachers. I also found it very effective to have a presentation that is directly related to the curriculum explained.
I had a very good feeling from this lesson. The pupils were willing to spend a part of their break time with the interview. The recalled primarily nice experiences, but were also able to objectively assess what they did not like in Egypt, or mention the negative experiences as well.

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