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Title of the Experience
Dual education
Name of the teacher
Daiga Dementjeva
Country where it took place
School typology
Vocational School
Thematic Area
Experience typology
Teaching in class
Type of contact
Description of the Experience
Teaching practical subjects of printed composes - I met with such difficulties as reduced students' ability to listen, think, perceive, attention retaining hours - as a result, students are often unable to fulfill the mandate given to the end, or is it very carelessly executed.
Another important argument, which necessarily affects the learning process is a dual education, practice blocking. Students like the theory of substance is removed in September, but the exercises carried out effectively only in December or even later, when the hands-on training. Theory forgotten without the use of it for a long time, and the mission is carried out carelessly and with little return. The students themselves are not happy. In my opinion the theory and practice should be related to it such as a new program of printed digital design specialists who have 2 hours of theory and then immediately have 3 hours of practice. More could also mention the argument of absence from school, little interest in the profession, resulting in loss of motivation and a student is no longer with you in theory or in practice, as a result of the failure of the subject. Students who attend workshops, with an interest in performing the tasks they are often hampered by not attending, cause them very great difficulties in completing tasks.
In order to avoid the above mentioned difficulties - their lessons organized as follows:
The first to be able to hold the attention of students create interesting challenges for the interest they perform, although it is also difficult because most of the students have come only because of "paper" and the learners can create as interesting cost you want, just have an interest in very small.
Second lesson endings learners to evaluate their own and group members' work that they carry out the responsibilities and interests.
The third is given more creative works, tasks, where the learner can choose yourself how to carry out and perform, but of course that is consistent with the theory and rules.
4th hour training is an established teaching style, when a student learns from the teacher, their group members. Often, classes are used to help members of the group, as well as Internet resources.
5th task of control results are used to understand how to improve their lesson process.
The results are noticeable because many pupils have risen success rate, the success of the students have never not compare with other learners or the group as a whole. They are compared with that of the student's previous results. Students who attend workshops, with an interest in performing the tasks they are often hampered by not attending, cause them very great difficulties in completing tasks.

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