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Title of the Experience
Creating video games to teach programming
Name of the teacher
Ignacio Paches Giner
Country where it took place
School typology
High Secondary School
Thematic Area
Experience typology
Teaching in class
Type of contact
Description of the Experience
The goal is to create games that develop the creative capacity of students. We will use Game Maker software. In the process the plot of the game, creating scenarios, images to use, set the goal to be achieved by the protagonist, creating the characters and the introduction to programming control structures for defining operation will develop the application will be held in the computer classes.

Comments on this Teachers Experience

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Date: 2014.11.06

Posted by Alicia Romero (Spain)

Sometimes I use games to teach programming, students are more motivated and interested in programming. Programming is really difficult for them, using games they see the results of their work in a different way.
Games are the way for making more attractive programming.

Date: 2014.11.02

Posted by Massimo Amato (Italy)

I did not know Game Maker. I think this software is a good first approach to create a video game, although with some limitations for mobile phones and to monetize the game.
The importance of seeing their game made ​​in a short time is great for students because they are used to getting everything they want immediately, while the programming code is very slow as you approach.

Date: 2014.10.15

Posted by Kamila Pawenta (Poland)

One of the most interesting methods to teach programming is using a way of speaking to students which they understand. It can be using a computer game world. Students will be more interested and motivated to work, when they will be able to see the effects of their work. I think that it is a really interesting experience which can help students understand diffrent content of education.


Dissemination Seminar in Florence

31 October 2015 The seminar has been held in ITIS “A. Meucci” one of the schools involved within Goerudio project activities. Its main aim was to promote the results of the project toward a broad sample of stakeholders even overcrossing the number of people directly involved in the production of project outcomes. This purpose has been totally achieved especially thanks to the participation of students and teachers coming from different schools or from other classes instead of those ones directly involved within the project activities.