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Name of the organisation: 36,6 Competence Centre
Address: Eugeniusza 19-6 93-487 Łódź POLAND
Tel: +48 502734739
Web site:
Name of the contact person: Anna Ziemecka-Poteraj
Function: CEO
Tel: +48 502734739
Name of the contact person: Grzegorz Grodek
Function: International Projects Coordinator
Tel: +48 601386267
Type of organisation:
  • SME
  • Training
Fields of action:
  • SMEs
  • Youth
  • Universities
  • Public Authorities
  • Equal opportunities
  • Schools
  • Unemployed
36,6 Competence Centre, Lodz, Poland:
  • in EU projects since 1999
  • CO.N.E.CT group member - COoperation Network for European CiTizenship based in Brussels
  • Coffee Club for Seniors, Youth, Women, non-formal educational centre
  • Certificate of Reliability awarded in 2012 by KRD BIG SA supervised by the Ministry of Economy

36,6 Competence Centre is an umbrella institution gathering professionals from many fields establishing interdisciplinary Experts Zone for the local development through international experience exchange.

Motto (Main idea behind): 36,6 ºC means balance Balance understood as local society quality of life increase through competencies development of its inhabitants within the support of well-qualified experts conducting educational, research, cultural and vocational guidance-based activities under framework of international projects. 36,6 is a positive figure, it gives you guarantee you are healthy.
36,6 Competence Centre makes an attempt that every individual could have that kind of guarantee for healthy society at the end, healthy in many sense leading to quality of life at four levels so to achieve work-life balance:
e-ntertainment / private sphere
e-nvironment / eco-awareness

Target Group
Local society members regardless their age, gender, nationality, cultural background, religion belief, level of education, marital or material status requiring further development so to acquire knowledge and skills adjusted to the changeable situation on the labour market on one hand and so to be included to the local society on the other.
Within last year we have directed our activities to the following beneficiaries in particular:
  • migrants from Lodz region (mainly from Belarus and Ukraine)
  • pupils and teachers of catering vocational schools
  • small scale urban trade with special focus on grocery shop owners and employees
  • AMORES (540492-LLP-1-2013-1-HR-COMENIUS-CMP)
    An Approach to Motivating learners to Read in European Schools
    The project is focused on improving literature learning across Europe by improving students engagement with literature through a methodology based on interactive and collaborative use of ICT as well as on improving digital literacies of both students and teachers through the creation of e-artefacts, critical reflection on their production and their use in social participation
  • CHEMICAL MOVETECH (2013-1-TR1-LEO05-47543)
    Mobilising Opportunities in Vocational Education with Innovative Technologies
    The aim of the project is to develop vocational training courses to educate the workforce of chemical industry about the latest improvements and advanced manufacturing and processing techniques/technologies at the work place using open and distance learning and training methods, particularly to facilitate the access to continuous vocational training
  • JOT (2013-1-FR1-GRU06-49601 5)
    Jobs on Trial
    The aim of the project is to bridge the gap between the labour market demand and the expectations of the jobless adults and to boost beneficiaries' employability, fight prejudices on both sides and develop the disadvantaged's self-esteem to facilitate social and occupational inclusion processes
  • SHAREIT (538999-LLP-1-2013-1-UK-GRUNDTVIG-GMP)
    Trainers in Literacy and Basic Skills Informal Knowledge Transfer
    Project`s main goal is to develop, test, evaluate and transfer innovative and effective on-the-job methods and tools for informal and co-operative professionalization of basic skills trainers
  • ECOLAV (2012-1-GB2-LEO04-08473 3) / project website:
    Environmental Competences towards LAbour market and Vet systems
    Integration of environmental competences into VET systems and development of relevant
    ECVET framework specific to the environmental issues
  • EVAT (2012-1-GB2-GRU06-08344 3) / project website:
    European Value Added Training
    The aim of the project is to identify good practice in pre-vocational training pathways for lone parents returning to labour market
  • AGORA EUROPE II (2011-1-DE2-LEO05-07994) / project website:
    Common Integrated Management e-Learning System for the development of professional competition skills in the small scale urban commerce in European dimension
    The aim of the project is to create an on-line system for management in retail trade, addressed to shop owners and workers
  • E_EPSOL (2011-1-GB2-LEO05-05510) / project website:
    Education & Employment Pathways for Speakers of Other Languages
    The aim of the project is to enhance the employability and study skills of migrants, which will enable them to find employment
  • E-CUISINE (2011-1-FR1-LEO05-24402) / project website:
    E-cuisine - Learning by cooking
    The aim of the project is to develop e-learning course on cooking and which will enable to prepare IVET students for placements abroad
EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE OF THE ORGANIZATION IN THE PROJECT’S SUBJECT AREA 36,6 CC is/was involved in projects aiming at improving the quality of education by introducing ICT tools. Our experts are involved in development of the ICT: e-learning/VLE contents. Within last year we developed e-learning tools fostering the acquisition of foreign language skills related to cooking and practical cooking skills (E-cuisine project, Within the E_EPSOL project ( we developed ICT methodologies in vocational guidance and language teaching for migrants. 36,6 Competence Centre established strong relations with schools from Lodzkie region at different levels. We collaborate with Lodz Centre for Teachers Training and Practical Education, which provides training for all public schools in the region.
CONTRIBUTIONS THAT CAN BE PROVIDED TO THE PROJECT 36,6 CC will be in charge of coordinating the activities in Poland in cooperation with schools involved. 36,6 CC will carry out this task thanks to the network of contacts with schools established in the framework of the previous projects. 36,6 CC established relations with National Centre For Supporting Vocational And Continuing Education in Warsaw. The Centre publishes the newsletter and portal that appeals to educational community from Poland, so broad opinion will be informed about our initiatives.
REASONS OF INVOLVEMENT IN THE PROJECT The project is in line with 36,6 CC strategy, which is to increase the quality of local society life through competencies development with support of well-qualified experts conducting educational, research, cultural and vocational guidance-based activities. Through the implementation of GOERUDIO at local and national level in Poland we can foster the innovativeness of the educational system.
CEO of 36,6 CC, M.A. in International Economical and Political Relations at the University of Lodz – Faculty of Economics and Sociology, MBA at University of Lodz & University of Lyon III (post-graduate studies); 15 years of professional experience in European Union educational, cultural and research projects’ coordination, former Head of International Projects Units at private universities in Poland; involved in a series of international conferences and publications within the cycle ‘Creativity in business and education’ (ISBN 83-87814-34-2; ISBN 83-87814-34-2).

Grzegorz Grodek
Project Coordinator and Trainer at 36,6 CC; M.A. in International Relations at the University of Lodz (Inter-regional specialisation); 5 years experience in Foundation for Promotion of Entrepreneurship in Lodz as specialist on training, consultancy and information (administrating international projects, organizing seminars, conferences and trainings; promotion of the events, providing information and consultancy services for SMEs and start-ups, conducting innovation audits), former Erasmus Coordinator.


Dissemination Seminar in Florence

31 October 2015 The seminar has been held in ITIS “A. Meucci” one of the schools involved within Goerudio project activities. Its main aim was to promote the results of the project toward a broad sample of stakeholders even overcrossing the number of people directly involved in the production of project outcomes. This purpose has been totally achieved especially thanks to the participation of students and teachers coming from different schools or from other classes instead of those ones directly involved within the project activities.