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Name of the organisation: Associació Empresarial l’Alqueria Projectes Educatius
Address: Avda Pobla de Vallbona 35
Tel: +34 963 125 603
Web site:
Name of the contact person: Sonsoles Jiménez González
Function: Project manager
Tel: +34 615 195 942
Name of the contact person: Lucía Gimeno Carsí
Function: Vice-president
Tel: +34 630 766 764
Type of organisation:
  • Training
  • No Profit
Fields of action:
  • SMEs
  • Youth
  • Universities
  • Public Authorities
  • Equal opportunities
  • Schools
  • Unemployed
L’Alqueria (Associació Empresarial l'Alqueria Projectes Educatius) is a nonprofit association.
L’Alqueria was founded in 2009.
The members of the association are a people related to the world of education; teachers, teachers of secondary and teachers of vocational training. All of them with wide professional experience that include the training of adults.
L’Alqueria has consolidated a team of specialized technicians in different thematic areas, who develop multidisciplinary tasks as to be able to cover many of the actions of the vocational training. The professionals of the Technologies of Information and Communication (TIC) stand out, specially. Objetives:
To encourage the use of TIC as a communication and diffusion tool.
To organize courses, conferences, seminars and interdisciplinary workshops directed with permanent training, professional recycling.
To promote and encourage permanent vocational training and professional recycling for occupied workers, the unemployed, women, the youth, handicap persons, affected and victims of terrorism, violence of gender, the unemployed that have been so, for a long period of time, those older than 45 years of age, immigrants and persons with risk of social exclusion.
To promote the citizenship and the European dimension fomenting a tolerant culture and promoting regional, national and international meetings as a better conduit of these values.
Accomplishment and collaboration in projects inside the frame of the European Union that help in social integration, the diffusion of the culture and common values.
Fulfilling and collaborating of educational projects within the framework of the European Union.
To collaborate with countries of the European environment in the promotion of culture and education.
To establish ties of brotherhood and cultural exchange with national citizens and foreigners who have been interested in our culture.
Diffusion of cultures, traditions, customs and social behavior inside an European frame.
To promote and foster vocational training for employment, the insertion and professional orientation.
To facilitate the trainer center groups of vocational training, having it be the same for public as for private ones, in this way, improving the quality of teaching given there, as well as the services executed there too.
The collaboration of conducting activities related with permanent vocational training and professional recycling with other entities, having it be the same for public as for private entities.
To promote and foster the care and protection of health, safety, hygiene and the prevention of workplace hazards.
To promote with educational actions, areas related with the protection of the environment.
To carry out and organize sports activities, to encourage solidarity, tolerance and integration.
To collaborate with public and private entities interested in strengthening the Valencian identity and its presence in the world, and in all that coincides with the objectives of the Association.
To collaborate and fulfill projects that help to obtain the aimed results of the Association.
EXPERIENCE OF THE ORGANIZATION IN PREVIOUS EUROPEAN PROJECTS Experience in national programs of continuous vocational training as:
Insertion and Professional Orientation.
Occupational and Continuous Formation corresponding to the subsidies granted by SERVEF (Economic Ministry, Treasury Department, and Employment Department of the Valencian Community).
Orientation for the development in educational formation and investigation in the Human Resource field, Vocational Training (occupational, self-employed and continual areas).
International programs for student mobility:
The carrying out of learning stay projects in other countries in the European Union with students of vocational training was executed. In the Academic Years of 2002-2006, students conducted practical training sessions in companies, cultural visits and meetings with other students.
The carrying out of a learning stay activity was promoted by the Ministry of Education in Dublin. A visit in which companies of the tics center, educational centers, employment offices and universities were visited. (Academic Year 2006)
Organization of vocational training exchange days were carried out between students of Italy and Spain. These students were from vocational training courses of Computer Science in IES Serpis (Valencia) and students from the vocational training school of the Instituto Aldini Valeriani (Bologna). Visits were made to Lladró, Ford, IES Cabañal and the Polytechnic University of Valencia (Academic Year 2006).
The execution of learning stay projects in other European countries with students that were in superior grade formative courses were also conducted. As in IES Serpis (Academic Year 2008), learning stays in Ducati, Axel, Chamber of Commerce were carried out.
Learning stay activity for teachers of vocational training courses in the company Axel Technology was carried out in the Academic Year 2009. This company functions at providing maintenance and installation to radio and television stations.
  • European LLP Leonardo da Vinci T.O.I Programme: “Play The Learning Game” project, funded by the Spanish National Agency. The aim of the project is to transfer e-learning solutions and methods in a teaching and learning context that make full use of the interactive and multimedia solutions, therefore including videogames. Website:
  • European LLP Comenius Regio “CAES 2.0” project, funded by the Spanish National Agency. This project will seek to reduce the digital divide that exists in today's society. Website:
  • European LLp Comenius regio “OFEC” project funded by Spanish National Agency. This project will seek to show tradictional jobs like source of employment. Website under construction
  • European LLp comenius Regio “RRCI” funded by Spanish National Agency. This project will show the students traditions and culutre around Europe. Website:
  • European LLP Grundtivig Parntership “Be my guest”European by the Spanish National Agency. The aim of the project is to create a learning community that allows language awareness and bring people from different countries participating. Website: European LLP Comenius Regio “Traditions around Europe” project, funded by the Spanish National Agency. This project to provide European traditions.
  • European LLP Leonardo da Vinci T.O.I Programme: “Family Mediation” project, funded by the Portuguese National Agency. The aim of the project is to share methodologies about family mediation and actions results developed by partners. Website:
  • European Youth in action project “3i” funded by Spanish Youth National agency. The aim of the project was to show young people the policies of the European Union and how to be active on them. Website:
  • European LLP movility PLM project “CAST “ project funded by the UK national Agency, the aim of this project was to foster joung people and the labor market. During 12 weeks students from the UK where working in the most important musesums of our city.
  • European LLP Movility PLM project project funded by the Portuguese National agency, during one month 6 students were working in Spanish entreprises
  • European LLp Leonardo Partnership “Digital Mentors” funded by the Spanish National Agency. The aim of the project is to teach students how to create their digital identity for being incorporated in the labor market in an effective way.
EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE OF THE ORGANIZATION IN THE PROJECT’S SUBJECT AREA L’Alqueria staff has extensive experience as secondary and VET schools teachers. The association has participated in several projects in Spain whose target group were students and high school teachers.
L’Alqueria was also involve in project funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme to develop educational methods that encourage motivation and job placement for students such as: “Play the Learning Game” , “CAES 2.0”, “Digital mentors”
CONTRIBUTIONS THAT CAN BE PROVIDED TO THE PROJECT L’Alqueria will be in charge of dissemination and exploitation of the project results.
L’Alqueria will also be in charge of coordinating the activities at national level of the schools involved. L’Alqueria will carry out this task thanks to the network of contacts with schools and school consortium developed in the framework of the previous projects.
REASONS OF INVOLVEMENT IN THE PROJECT The project's objectives are consistent with the L’Alqueria purposes. The association is keen to work on projects that improve student motivation.
Degree in Computer Engineering.
Teacher in Vocational Education for the Regional Ministry of Valencia. With extensive experience in the organization of European education projects, among which might include:
Organization of the days of professional exchange Italy-Spain with students of Vocational training of the IES Serpis (Spain) and students of the institute Aldini Valeriani and Serani de Bologna (Italy).
Organization of motilities PLM and IVT in the Leonardo Program with students of the IES San Vicente Ferrer (Spain).
Accomplishment of the project of formative stays in other European countries with the students of vocational training of the IES Serpis.
National award for the project fawn "Yes Employability" of OAPEE European award for the project “MIDAS” Coordinator of several Comenius Regio projects involving municipalities and training centers in Spain and Portugal, as the municipality of Xàtiva (Spain) and the City of Porto (Portugal) and the city of Reggio Calabria (Italy)
Coordinator of several Leonardo partnership about digital identity and employment for vocational training students, the projects had different partners in several countries like: Portugal, Italy, Turkey and England.
Coordinator of a Leoanardo TOI about new methodologies of teaching and learning “Play the learning Game”.
Coordinator of several Grundtivig Parnerships about languages and culture and traditions.
She is often invited as a speaker or expert in Spànish National Agency to present her European cooperation experiences and the European projects in which she is involved.
She has participated like speaker in different European conferences organized by EACEA and European commission.
She has collaborated as coordinator with the projects of FETE-UGT-PV

Lucía Gimeno Carsí
Degree in Computer Engineering, Technical University of Valencia.
Teaching qualification certificate (CAP), Technical University of Valencia.
Secondary and High School Teacher for the Valencian Education Administration.
Computer Science Teacher in different Public Secondary Schools and Schools of vocational training in the Valencian Community.
Teacher of Computer Science of students with learning difficulties at the PDC program in 4th Year of Secondary Education (ESO).
She has managed the Alqueria and FETE_UGT projects.


Dissemination Seminar in Florence

31 October 2015 The seminar has been held in ITIS “A. Meucci” one of the schools involved within Goerudio project activities. Its main aim was to promote the results of the project toward a broad sample of stakeholders even overcrossing the number of people directly involved in the production of project outcomes. This purpose has been totally achieved especially thanks to the participation of students and teachers coming from different schools or from other classes instead of those ones directly involved within the project activities.