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Name of the organisation: Riga State Technical School
Address: Krisjana Valdemara iela 1c, Riga, LV-1817, Latvia
Tel: +371 67324146
Fax: + 371 67 322944
Web site:
Name of the contact person: Dagnija Vanaga
Function: Director
Tel: +371 27260006
Fax: + 371 67 322944
Name of the contact person: Romāns Vitkovskis
Function: Coordinator of scientific research
Tel: +37129267554
Type of organisation:
  • School
Fields of action:
  • Youth
  • Equal opportunities
  • Schools
  • Unemployed
Riga State Technical School (RSTS) has been granted the status “A competence centre of vocational education” as an educational establishment which has ascertained qualitative work for a long time.
RSTS executes programs of secondary vocational education which give a possibility to acquire the third level of vocational education and additionally performs such functions as a regional or branch methodical centre, teacher further education centre and evaluation of professional competence acquired outside the formal education.
RSTS is one of the biggest vocational education establishments both in the Baltic and in the Eastern Europe, so the international cooperation is being developed making the vocational education in Latvia competitive at European level.
  • European Social Fund project "Initial vocational education more attractiveness”, 2009/0001/1DP/, 02.03.2009.-31.08.2013.
  • Professional knowledge and skills improvement opportunities for teachers of curricula “Commercial” in Spain, 2010-1-LV1-LEO03-00785, 09.2010.-12.2010.
  • Woodworking special subject teachers' professional competence development, 2010-1-LV1-LEO03-00781, 02.2011.-07.2011.
  • Professional, theoretical and practical knowledge for expanding in Spain, 2010-1-LV1-LEO01-00575, 02.2011.-07.2011.
  • Quality improvement of initial vocational education programs in Riga State Technical School, 2010/0106/1DP/, 2010.-2011.
  • Vocational education programs, basic skills and competences in education and career continuation, 2010/0284/1DP/, 2011.-2012.
  • Support system for student with disabilities, 2010/0330/1DP/
  • Development of Integrated learning tools for professional in education, 1.5-2/8765, 03.09.2012.-16.11.2012.
  • Transfer von Erfahrungen bei der Gestaltung beruflicher Bildung für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung-EURO-Nach II, DE/11/LLP-LdV/TOI/147466, 01.10.2011.-30.09.2013.
  • Ensuring School Success in Leipzig and Riga, 08.2013.-08.2015.
  • Logistics and Overland Transport Network for Training “Blue Collars”, 10.2012.-09.2014.
  • Web 2 skills for Vocational Education Training, 2013.-2015.
  • Qualification training for the provision of vocational training programs in Germany for students in education program “Chemical Technology”, 2013-1-LV1-LEO01-05310, 09.2013.-13.2014.
  • Exchange of experiences in Germany for teachers of Professional Education Competence Centre of Riga State technical school, 2013-1-LV1-LEO01-05300, 09.2013.-05.2014.
  • Modernization of equipment and infrastructure improvement of vocational education programs, 11.2013.-08.2015.
EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE OF THE ORGANIZATION IN THE PROJECT’S SUBJECT AREA Teachers involved in projects increase their qualification and professional competences.
CONTRIBUTIONS THAT CAN BE PROVIDED TO THE PROJECT Riga State Technical School (RSTS) will be in charge of the transnational coordination and management of the project in cooperation with Pixel and will be the Workpackage leader for project management, project exploitation and for WP1 and will support each leader in the coordination of the other workpackages. RSTS will contribute to the creation of the Forms and Guidelines to be used in order to produce the project outputs.
REASONS OF INVOLVEMENT IN THE PROJECT The aim of involvement in project is to introduce a new method to promote the interest of students towards scientific issues and to make students autonomous in their learning process. Increasing teacher’s competence and to promote innovative practices for scientific issues teaching in a more interactive and attractive way.
Studying for PhD in material science and applied Chemistry faculty, Technical University of Riga.
Moscow Printing Institute Diploma No060375 equated to master’s degree in materail science in Technical University of Riga.
Bachelors degree in business administration, legal assistant qualifiation, School of Bussiness Administration.
Printing Production engineer-technologist, Moscow Printing Institute.
Further education:
Educational institutions and curriculum quality evaluation, certificate (8hrs).
An educational institution "pedagogical mastery school" professional qualification development program "Positive psychology use at school”, certificate (12 hrs).
University didactics: contemporary theory and practice, continuing education program in Faculty of Education and Psychology, University of Latvia, certificate (160 hrs).
Lecturers' professional competence in innovation in the European Higher Education Area, continuing education program in Faculty of Education and Psychology, University of Latvia, certificate (160 hrs).
Organization of studies in e-learning environment Moodle, certificate (32hrs).
Balance capable of accounting course, LTD “Liva”.
“Baltic Institute of Social Sciences "- artworks, scientific (research), which provides occupational and qualifications structure of the database and describe the preparation of printing and publishing, paper and paper products, computer aided design industry.
ESF project "Support program for the development and implementation of disadvantaged youth support system" 4.4. "Positive behavior support" Project Manager / Coordinator in Riga State technical school.
Paper products, printing and computer aided design industries Industry Expert Council expert, State Education Development Agency.
Member of Knowledge Economic Council, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Expert in Printing Industry in ESF project "Professional subject teachers and mentor of theoretical knowledge and practical competence promotion".
Member of Terminology Committee of Printing Terminology Subcommittee.
Member of Conference BaltPrint "Printing industry in the Baltic States”.
Association representative of Printing Companies in Education and Employment Latvian Employers' Confederation.
Consultant in Prosecutor of Republic of Latvia, in State Employment Agency.
Vocational training team leader of Latvian Association of Printing Companies and president of the Audit Committee.
“Embossing triumph – professionalism even in details” Magazine “Iespiedgrafika” 2 (54) 2011, 232 p.
Dagnija Vanaga, Arvīds Andersons, Huberts Daugulis. “Printing. Technology” Izd. RVT Poligrāfijas centrs, 2011.
“European funds for education” Magazine „Iespiedgrafika” 1 (53) 2011.
“Riga State technical school’s printing education department makes good collaboration. Magaine „Iespiedgrafika” 1 (49) 2010.

Romāns Vitkovskis
Member of Latvian Education Foundation board. Graduated Latvian State University in 1971, mathematics and long time works as a constructor of information systems with high level of complexity.
His parallel scientific work was in close connection with intelect modeling using theory of recursive functions and systemology.
Since 1980 started creation on comprehension based method of textbooks, user manuals etc..
In 1990 together with Latvian University (since 1990 racalled) organized establishment of Latvian Education Foundation.
Since 1995 one of owners and head of the board of consulting company E&IC working in economics.
Since 2009 one of owners and head of the board of company EM – methodologies working to develop comprehension use.
Since 1983 Romans Vitkovskis is a member of Artists Union of Latvia, graphics, approximetely 90 illustrated text books and books, 3 written and illustrated books.


Dissemination Seminar in Florence

31 October 2015 The seminar has been held in ITIS “A. Meucci” one of the schools involved within Goerudio project activities. Its main aim was to promote the results of the project toward a broad sample of stakeholders even overcrossing the number of people directly involved in the production of project outcomes. This purpose has been totally achieved especially thanks to the participation of students and teachers coming from different schools or from other classes instead of those ones directly involved within the project activities.